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Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Services

Business Scope: technical consultation on energy conservation, technical consultation on comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation testing, research and development, promotion and application of energy conservation products, etc. It has the capable of energy saving detection for industrial boilers and general electromechanical equipment, and has outstanding advantages in energy saving of electromechanical system, industrial waste heat and comprehensive utilization of low-grade resources. Professional energy-saving service companies with Grade A qualification of scientific and technological consultation and the announcement and filing of the China National Development and Reform Commission. It is a professional execution organization of the auditing, consulting and energy conservation testing business of China Coal Group Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Promotion Center. Accumulated for coal, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, building materials, electronics, textile, medicine, food and other industries to prepare energy audit, energy conservation planning, energy conservation audit, fixed assets energy conservation evaluation and other related consulting reports more than 500 items. The coal mine drainage and boiler flue gas waste heat heating projects implemented by the contract energy management mode, and the comprehensive utilization of coal mine waste wind waste heatetc., have saved users more than 10 millions of Chinese Yuan of comprehensive operating costs every year. Several projects were awarded the Excellent Science and Technology Achievement Award of China Coal Energy Group and the Excellent Promotion Achievement Award of Double Creation.







Business Types

Service Content

Service Mode

Comprehensive Utilization of Resources


Comprehensive utilization of resources such as low concentrated gas, mine return air, coal slurry washing, industrial waste heat, circulating cooling water, mine water, solar energy, air energy and air compressor waste heat.

BOTEPCEMC etc. are optional.

Special Category of Energy Replacement


Feasibility study on the technology of replacing coal with electricity and gas. Design, Construction and Technical services for replacement projects of coal-fired boilers.

Consultation and Evaluation


Consultation and evaluation of energy conservation projects. Carbon emission inventory and verification. Carbon asset management. Energy conservation assessment of fixed asset investment projects, post-implementation assessment of energy conservation projects, energy efficiency benchmarking analysis, energy consumption diagnosis, energy audit, energy conservation planning, fund application report, etc.

Energy Saving Technology service


Design and construction of energy efficiency monitoring platform. Design and construction of intelligent heating system. Electrical and mechanical products save electricity and improve efficiency.


Classic Case: According to the resource characteristics of users, the company tailors the best comprehensive solutions. Has successfully completed the design and construction of the Muduchaideng coal mine heating system clean renovation project, Menkeqing coal mine waste heat recovery comprehensive utilization project, the Nalinhe coal mine water comprehensive utilization "coal to electricity" heating project etc. including Muduchaideng coal mine heating system clean renovation project integrates the latest conservation technologies, cloud storage technology, automatic control technology and the remote communication technology, any authorized computer and smart phone can be the operation of the remote monitoring system from anywhere, have the fully automatic unattended operation function.

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