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Information Technology Services

Business Introduction: Committed to providing big data, intelligent factory, cloud computing, Internet of things, virtual application integration solutionsto the energy industry, , to providing information and automation of the planning, construction and operational and other comprehensive information technology services, covering the fields of coal production and trade, coal chemical industry, power generation, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, etc. Innovatively build the complete IT service value chain, transforms the omni-directional information technology service into the informatization value provider and the enterprise development mode transformation booster, achieve a 'new breakthrough' in informatization construction.

Decision Support Layer

Operating Management Layer

Production Management and Execution Layer

Production Control Layer

Infrastructure Layer



Consolidated Statement    Comprehensive Budget


Financial   Human Resource   Procurement   Sales


Production and Operation Command

Device control    Process simulation    Production Process Control

IT  Infrastructure   Computer Room   Network   Database  Middleware


Industry Solutions

Smart Coal Mine

Coal Mine Integrated Automation Integration Platform

Coal Mine Production Integrated Management Information System

Coal Distribution System

Internal Market Management Information Platform

Intelligent Detection And Diagnosis System For Coal Mine Electromechanical Equipment

Coal Mine Internet Of Things

Unmanned Intelligent Fully Mechanized Mining Face Design

Intelligent Storage And Material Control System

Centralized Control Center Construction

Informationized Mine Lamp

Centralized Control Center Construction

Smart Coal Chemical Industry

Real-Time Database System

Production Execution System (MES)

Aided Decision System

Laboratory Management System (LIMS)

Equipment Integrity System

Intelligent Buying And Selling System

Production And Operation Of Mobile System

Smart Power

Power Plant Management Information System (MIS)

Manufacturer Monitoring Information System (SIS)

Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection

Energy Management Information System

Environmental Protection Online Monitoring System


Production Safety

Coal Mine Safety Big Data Management Platform

Security Business Management System

Coal Chemical Emergency Command Platform

Mobile Production Management System

Safety Production Emergency Rescue Command System


Product Series


Operating Controls


Comprehensive Budget Management System

Supply Chain Management System


Unified Portal

Integrated Application Platform

Mobile Portal and Application Platform

Comprehensive security


Intelligent Monitoring

Thermal Imaging Monitoring

3D Visual Inspection

Vehicle Monitoring System

Perimeter Prevention


Electronic Commerce


Electronic Commerce System For Material Purchasing


Sales E-commerce and Supply Chain Management Pplatform


Information Service


Consulting Planning


Infrastructure Construction


Information Security


Operational Service

* Partners

The company has successively established good partnership with the domestic and international well-known enterprises, such as Oracle, Deloitte, Accenture, Dongsoft, Shenzhou Digital, Baoxin Software, Datang Software, Huasan Communications, Huawei, CCTEG, Puyuan, etc. The introduction of advanced technology and management experience enhanced the company's core competitiveness and market expansion capacity.



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