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E-Commerce for the Energy Industry

China Coal Tendering Co., Ltd. (abbr: CCTC)  has provided tendering service for procurement required by the government and enterprises ranging from coal industry, power industry, national railway, coal chemical industry, coal coking, coal seam gas, aluminum industry, building construction, road construction, information technology, etc. Since the establishment, CCTC has accumulated the tendering amount over 200 billion CNY. CCTC has set up the advanced E-Tendering System: China Coal E-Tendering Platform which is selected as one of model platform of ten state-owned enterprises which has realized the transformation from traditional tendering model to electronic tendering.


Photo: Online Bid Opening Hall At CCTC

中煤电子招标平台业务系统 China Coal E-Tendering Platform

招标代理机构 Tendering Agency

公开招标 Open Tendering

邀请招标 Invited Tendering

询价采购Inquiry and Procurement 

竞争性谈判 Competitive Negotiation

单一来源采购 Single Source Procurement

业主自行采购 Procurement by Customers

询价采购(公开邀请)Inquiry And Procurement (Open Invitation) 

竞争性谈判Competitive Negotiation

单一来源采购 Single Source Procurement



Advantages For China Coal E-Tendering Platform


First Batch of Pilot Units of National E-Tendering Platform


Strong and Professional Expert Teams and Suppliers


The Complete Set of Process for Tendering And Procurement with Paperless Tendering and Bidding


Quality and Cost Control of the Project with Big Data from the Industry


Multi-System Connections


High Automation and Efficiency


Intelligent Fees Management System with the Application of New Technology


Serve Large and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Fulfill the Needs of Government Enterprises

The Complete Set of Process of Online Tendering and Bidding Services

1. Project Set Up on the Platform

2. Post the Announcement Online

3. Register Online as a Bidder

4. Pay Tender fee Online

5. Submit Bid Documents Online

6. Open Bidding Online

7. Online Evaluation

8. Announce the Winning Bid Online

9. Notice the Winning Bid Automatically

10. One-Click Document On File in the System

Located in Beijing as the headquarter, CCTC has set up the offices for business distributed in Shanxi, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Anhui and Xinjiang, etc. CCTC has established the professional and high-level experts-base for bids-evaluation. With about 3000 experts specializing in field of coal mining, coal chemical, power, railway, construction and economy, CCTC is always ready to timely provide you the highly professional consultation. 

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