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Goods Supply and Jointly Storing and Sharing of Spares

CNCDC is given the qualification and awarded the Certificate for A Enterprise by Beijing Customs District, P. R. China, the Certificate of Operation Permit for Hazardous Chemicals and Non-pharmaceutical-category Precursor Chemicals and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate. CNCDC is professional in dealing with international import and has maintained a good relationship and cooperation with great and famous enterprises domestically and internationally. After reorganized in 2017, CNCDC is involved in the supplies of equipment and goods, and jointly storing and sharing of spares for China Coal Group, as agent for import of equipment, main supplier of imported equipment and spares, and procurement and supply of some bulk general goods.

Types of Business

Agent for International Import - Import equipment and technology for coal and coal chemical production enterprises.

Self-Operated International Import - Mainly import shearer, roadheader, hoist, filling pump, coupler, other equipment and spares to coal and coal chemical enterprises. We also supply generators.

Domestic Business- Mainly import spares of shearer, roadheader, coal handing and processing, domestic and foreign lubricant oil (grease), mechanical seals, picks, tools, etc. for coal and coal chemical production enterprises.

Main Customers: -- From China Coal Group: Services covers Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, North China, Jianghuai, etc. Customers include China Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy & Chemical Co., LTD., China Coal Erdos Energy Chemical Co., LTD., China Coal Northwest Energy Co., LTD., Shanxi China Coal Huajin Energy Co., LTD., China Coal Jinzhong Energy Chemical Co., LTD., Shanghai Datun Energy Resources Co., LTD., China Coal Xinji Energy Co., LTD., China Coal Resources Development Group and many other companies.

Outside China Coal GroupChina Energy Investment Corporation, Yuankuang Group, China Datang Corporation, LTD..

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